11 Best Nail Art Instagram Feeds you Need to See


You can dress up almost every part of the body. You can put make up on your eyes, clothes on your body, and paint on your nails. However, people have been able to turn these seemingly unassuming parts of the body into tiny canvases that can house some of the most amazing pieces of art you’ve ever scene. From patterns and gems to even full-blown paintings, nail artists go above and beyond just painting their nails. Check out these amazing nail art Instagram feeds! Nothing but the best for our Mashfeed users!

Hey, Nice Nails!

Nail art sister duo @heynicenails features some amazing nail art that ranges from gel geometrics to sparkles to lace. It seems that there’s nothing this duo can’t do. You can even get your nails done my them yourself at their storefront in Long Beach, California.

pams & kin

San Francisco manicurists and self-proclaimed nail art whisperers, @pamsandkin can seemingly do it all. Their intricate designs make you so jealous that such amazing art can be done on such a small surface. And as their bio says, “Life’s too short for settling… shake it up!” That they do.

Chelsea King

If you’re not only looking for amazing nail art, but also what’s trendy, then LA blogger and nail stylist @chelseaqueen is the place to be. From patterns, to artwork, glitter, it seems that Chelsea is able to do just about anything with her nails.

+ 8 More Feeds

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