8 Geology Feeds on Instagram & YouTube That Just Rock!

Here you’ll find the best geology feeds on Instagram and YouTube

Photo by www.nationalgeographic.com/
Photo by Nat Geo

Geology combines history and natural earth science to figure out how a lot of things work at the most fundamental level. Geologists work to solve some of the world’s most important problems including mineral resources, climate change and natural disasters like earthquakes. Aside from that, geologists and geology lovers have extraordinary Instagram and YouTube feeds showcasing earth’s natural beauty. Whether you love photography or are passionate about geology, these Instagram and YouTube feeds will make you want to travel the world to find these incredible rocks, crystals and minerals. From all around the world, here are the best geology feeds on Instagram and YouTube.

Photo by buzzfeed.com
Photo by Buzzfeed

Geology Enthusiast

Created by a geoscience student in Australia, who is passionate about all things geology, this feed features gorgeous photography of natural landscapes. If you’re a college student, it could definitely make you re-think your major!

Geology Just Rocks

Who doesn’t love puns? Apparently, rocks and crystals are very pun-worthy, which is evident by this feed’s hilarious geology and pun-related captions.

Geology Page

Geology page helps geoscientists and anyone interested in geology keep up with geology news, research and more with their YouTube channel. They also have a beautiful Instagram feed that highlights exquisite rocks and crystals.

Geology Vignettes

This feed not only posts pictures of minerals, rocks and other geological structures, but also makes informational captions intended to tell the stories behind the photos. You will learn a lot AND get to take a glimpse into the life of a geologist.

+ 4 More Feeds

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