Up & Coming Snowboarders You Have to Follow on Instagram


As we quickly approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, we also get closer to cold weather and winter sports. While we’re still on the bunny slopes, we can still admire and appreciate the skill it takes to be great at snowboarding. Whether you’re going on vacation and want to brush up on some snowboarding moves, or you know everything there is to know about the sport, you have to keep an eye on these up and coming snowboarders on Instagram. From London to the U.S., you have to check out these snowboarders and their consistently amazing photos!

Marko Grilc

Marko Grilc has been competing as a professional snowboarder for over 10 years. His feed takes you on a journey into all his adventures as a snowboarder, occasionally using a selfie stick to take the photos.

Elena Hight

Two-time olympian Elena Hight keeps her feed vibrant and adventurous with small glimpses into her personal life, as well as her life as a snowboarder.

Frode Sandbech

Although Frode isn’t a snowboarder himself, his photography portraits often include a lot of incredible snowboarding shots.

Aimee Fuller

British professional snowboarder, Aimee Fuller, showcases her love for life and snowboarding through her Instagram feed.

Pat Moore

Pat Moore is mainly known for his roles in snowboarding movies such as The Art of Flight. He maintains a fresh and humorous feed, always exhibiting his passion for snowboarding.

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