Top 20 Planner Instagram Feeds by BonnyGlen

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Photo by Shantelle Marie

We love promoting Mashfeed users’ collections on our blog and social media feeds. Melissa Wiley, an active Mashfeed user, created a stunning collection called “Planner People,” featuring some of her favorite planner based and DIY feeds on Instagram. Based in San Diego, Melissa spends a lot of her time with her kids and writing children’s books. Whether you’re trying to get your schedule together and organized or are looking for DIY inspiration, these feeds will surely get your creative juices flowing. Check out the collection below and follow Melissa on Instagram if you like what you see!

Christy Tomlinson

While also being a mother of 6, Christy somehow manages to keep her Instagram feed vibrant and colorful. She often posts about her monthly planner kits, stickers and other DIY crafts.

Cocoa Daisy

Along with having a gorgeous websites where they post about planner kits, classes and more, Cocoa Daisy also maintains a busy and vivid Instagram feed. Along with planner kits, they also do a bit of scrapbooking!

Pepper and Twine

Pepper and Twine has one of the most unique feeds in this whole collection because they post beautifully handwritten journal entries, as well as larger messages drawn in black marker. A lot of the messages are inspirational and say things like “don’t quit” and “just smile” in dazzling fonts.

Chelley Darling

Chelley Darling’s founder is a jack of all trades as a coach, consultant, designer and more. With her flashy and colorful feed, Chelley Darling is sure to inspire you when it comes to your next creative project.

Paper Panduh

Based in Seattle, Paper Panduh is a self proclaimed paper goodies enthusiast. She posts about everything from her favorite planners to awesome planner accessories.

+15 More Feeds

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