6 YouTube Channels with Short Flims you Have to See


YouTube has become a haven for some of the most creative people on the internet. Although the site is still known for its viral sensations, vloggers, and endless cat videos (we get it, they’re funny), writer, directors, and actors flock to the social networking site to post some of their best work. From a hotel for fantastical creatures to Indiana Jones done with cats, the ideas that YouTubers put out there are endless.

Below are just a few of our favorite people on YouTube putting out short films. Check them out and let us know others that we missed!

Anna Akana

Anna Akana may be one of the funniest voices on YouTube today. With hilarious, but always surprising short films, Akana is sharp writer and director who never disappoints. Definitely check out “Super Associates” (above), “Girl Scouts” and “Emergency Call.” You will be charmed by her hilarious scripts, wowed by the high production quality, and wanting more. Luckily, she has more. A lot more.

Kick the PJ

What PJ can do with cardboard and string is amazing. He can create entire worlds with high production value with simple objects. He truly has an incredible imagination. So incredible that one of his short films, “Oscars Hotel” (above), was even made into a full digital series backed by New form Digital, Ron Howard’s digital production company. His YouTube channel has incredible short films that will surely have you laughing.

Final Cut King

You may know Zack King from Vine where he is a certified star. His YouTube channel brings the same quality and applies it to films slightly longer than 6 seconds. Quirky, corny, and always hilarious, Zack even brings his pets into it, which make his films all the better. With titles like “Raiders of the Lost Bark” and “Super Mario Cat,” can it really get any better?

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