Green Up Your Life with these 10 Succulent and Cacti Instagram Feeds


Succulents and Cacti are becoming one of the biggest fads of the year. You can’t walk into a single apartment without seeing a terrarium growing a tiny meaty plant or, in some cases, a giant full grown cactus. I mean, who wouldn’t love a good succulent? They’re pretty, come in countless shapes, sizes, and even colors, and are very hard to kill. They’re really the best plant to ever get for your home.

Because of their near perfectness as a plant, Instagram feeds dedicated to their beauty have been popping up. Here are some of the best Succulent and Cacti Instagram feeds.

Leaf and Clay

“Leaf & Clay is a collaborative blog for succulent enthusiasts and beginners alike.” The description on their feed says it best. Not only do they show some of the best pictures of succulents from around the world, but they also give you tips for succulent care and projects that you can do with succulents. It’s a really great catch all feed, which is a great way to start off this list.

Succulent Cafe Oceanside

It's that time of year again! 🍂🍃

A photo posted by Succulent Cafe Oceanside (@succulentcafeoceanside) on

Don’t just drink coffee. Drink coffee in a forest of succulents! That’s what @succulentcafeoceanside offers, gorgeous pictures of the succulents that adorn their cafe. From succulents in dinosaurs, ice cream cones, and even a pumpkin! Their feed is definitely one to check out, and their cafe if you’re in the Oceanside, CA area.

Say It With Succulents

🌵❤️ #sayitwithsucculents

A photo posted by Say It With Succulents (@sayitwithsucculents) on

What differentiates @sayitwithsucculents from the other feeds on this list is that it doesn’t just show potted succulents (although it has plenty of those) it also has succulents out in the wild. Not only that, the pictures on this feed are absolutely gorgeous. From the desert to a house, the cacti in this feed are front and center and beautiful.

+ 8 More Feeds

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