Live Vicariously Through these 10 Daily Vloggers on YouTube


We’ve featured YouTube a bunch on Mashfeed, however there is still one aspect of YouTube we have yet to include, and that is the most dedicated type of YouTuber: the live blogger. These YouTubers, or “vloggers”, have literally dedicated their lives for the sake of YouTube, with some of them even making it career.

From a globetrotting brit with dreads to a family in Kansas, these YouTubers can be found anywhere. Check out our “Daily Vloggers” collection and live in someone else’s footsteps for just 10 minutes a day!

Fun For Louis

We’ve already featured Louis in our nomads collection, however he really needs a shoutout as an amazing daily vlogger. Unlike most daily vloggers who just go about their regular days, Louis seems like he’s in a different every single day. Mostly because he is. Louis is a globe trotter that never seems to sit still. His vlogs show the beauty of each country, from the touristy destinations to the hidden secrets. Plus, every video is shot and edited beautifully. As a bonus, check out his 360 videos, which when you watch on your phone, you can see what Louis sees in 360!

The Nive Nulls

The Nive Nulls are the ultimate family vloggers. The ever growing family, which has documented the birth of all three of their adorable children, has a hilarious look and take on parenting, marriage, and living live. Austin and Brittany are both funny in their own right and their kids will make your heart flutter. Keep up with the Nive Nulls as they live their lives!


Charles Trippy holds the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive days vlogging with nearly 2500 under his belt. Like the Nive Nulls, Charles shows you everything. And we mean everything. He doesn’t sugar coat his life. From his wedding to divorce to even a live brain surgery that he had, you see every aspect of his day to day life. That doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have light fare. He is funny, charming, and always great for a pick me up!

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