Top 10 YouTube Channels of 2015


It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time to start naming the top EVERYTHING of the year. Here on Mashfeed, of course we want to list the top social media.

YouTube has become a content sharing platform that is looking to even rival TV. YouTubers are becoming celebrities, with some even crossing media. Some accumulate more subscribers and have more people watch their content than on TV and Movies. So, without further ado, here are the 10 most subscribed-to YouTube channels of 2015.

1 | PewDiePie

He’s that hilarious, screaming, Swedish gamer that basically rules YouTube. He rules it to the point that he has 15 million more than the next person on this list. His hilarious gaming videos are so silly that you can’t help but love him.

2 | HolaSoyGerman

He speaks 1000 miles a minutes with plenty jump cuts and big hand motions, he’s basically all of YouTube in one channel. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, his channel is hilarious to just watch.

3 | Smosh

Smosh is one of the first YouTube channels and easily one of the most successful. Even though they’re number 3 this year, they’ve held number one several times. Check out their hilarious sketches and parodies, as well as their prank if forward videos.

4 | NigaHiga

Parodies, rants, sketches, music videos, Ryan Higa seems to do it all. His channel has a great attitude and seems so positive. He’s a hilarious voice in the comedy circuit that knows how to get a laugh.

5 | Jenna Marbles

She may not post that often, but Jenna Marbles is one of the originals of YouTube. Her hilarious take on adulthood, life, and being a woman speak to seemingly everyone.

6 | VanossGaming

The reason gaming channels are so popular is because they’re so easy to watch. Vanoss Gaming makes any game hilarious, especially the ones with silly mods on them.

7 | ElrubiusOMG

Another gaming channel that features a foreign YouTuber, however this time he’s Spanish and has a voice that you wish could narrate¬†your life.

8 | The Ellen Show

This channel really needs no introduction. Ellen is the queen of entertainment. Her YouTube channel features clips from her show that feel incredible YouTube from games, silly videos, and sketches.

9 | Fine Brothers Entertainment

The Fine Brothers are the kings of content. With shows like Elders (Kids, Teens, etc.) React, Spoilers, Emo Dad, and more, they have the type of videos for nearly everyone.

10 | Epic Rap Battles of History

You’ve probably seen their ridiculous videos pitting historical figures, celebrities, and many more rap battling it with hilarious burns and visuals. Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd teach you a little about history with an entertaining flair.

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