Top 10 Twitter Feeds of 2015

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2015 is coming to an end, and we wanted to wrap up the year with what Mashfeed does best, make lists and collections of the top feeds on each social media platform. We’ve already covered Instagram and YouTube, and now we’re covering Twitter, the widely regarded 140-character based social media platform. For each platform, we curated collections on Mashfeed with the 10 most followed feeds on each social media network. From the hilarious tweets by the Ellen Degeneres Show to President Barack Obama, here are the top 10 twitter feeds of 2015.

10. Twitter

Twitter itself is kicking off this list at number 10 of the most followed feeds in the Twitter-verse. Twitter takes full advantage of all of its functions, like retweeting and posting photos, and is currently posting frequently with their hashtag #YearOnTwitter.

9. Justin Timberlake 

Justin Timberlake is not only just an actor and a singer, he has also won 9 Grammy awards and 4 Emmys. Man of many talents, Justin Timberlake, keeps his Twitter active and frequently retweets things that fans or entities are saying about him.

8. Ellen DeGeneres

It’s no surprise that Ellen DeGeneres has over 51 million followers since she is one of the funniest TV personalities ever. Lucky for us, her tweets always hilarious and often adorable with all the pictures of babies she posts.

7. Lady Gaga

Singer and actress, Lady Gaga, is well known for her eccentric fashion taste and self-empowering messages. Follow her on Twitter to keep up with what’s happening in her busy world and for the occasional inspirational tweet.

6. Rihanna

Not only did Rihanna make it to the 6th most followed person on Twitter, she was also the most streamed female artist of 2015 on Spotify! A lot of her current Tweets revolve around her new album and world tour “Anti,” as pictured above.

5. YouTube

Owned by Google, YouTube is the largest video-sharing website used around the world. They mostly tweet about videos that are popular and trending on YouTube, like the “Go to College” music Video starring Michelle Obama and Jay Pharoah.

4. Barack Obama

It’s no surprise that the President of the U.S. is one of the most popular people on Twitter. Although the President Obama himself does not control the Twitter, POTUS keeps us up to date with what’s going on in the Oval Office and with current political events and successes.

3. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, who also made our “Top 10 Instagram Feeds of 2015” list, has been creating hit songs since she was a teenager. As of late, she has been preoccupied with her 1989 World Tour and often tweets photos of her audiences and performances.

2. Justin Bieber

Coming in at number 2, Justin Bieber always makes sure to thank his beliebers for all their love and support. The popularity surrounding his new album “Purpose” has kept Justin plenty busy within recent months.

  1. Katy Perry 

Finally at number 1, with over 79 million followers, Katy Perry is currently the most followed person on Twitter. Her feed is full of tweets that let us know she is one of us, especially with her love for fuzzy socks!

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