10 Celebrity Chefs You Should Follow On Instagram


There are people who can’t boil water, people who can boil water, cooks, chefs, and then celebrity chefs. These are those guys. With beautifully composed dishes, their globe trotting adventures, and behind the scene pictures of their various shows, these chefs really show how a foodie should live. Check out the top people in their craft from the judges of chopped to the hosts of food network shows.

Here are the 10 celebrity chefs you need to follow on Instagram!

Jamie Oliver

Arguably one of the biggest celebrity chefs on the planet, Jamie Oliver’s Instagram shows off his delicious meals that you can even make with his new cookbook!

Nigella Lawson

What’s so wonderful about Nigella is that she is a chef that truly has a love for food. Not only does she share her favorite recipes with beautifully taken pictures, she also shares other great food accounts.

Curtis Stone

Chef Curtis Stone has one of the unique feeds on this list. While he does share his food in gorgeous pictures, he also shows himself off as a world traveller with pictures of his family in gorgeous locales. Even more, he show’s his utmost respect for the culture and cuisine in each of these places.

Maneet Chauhan

One of the phenomenal judges of Chopped, Maneet Chauhan shows us the flavors of her world and her global fusion inspired cooking. From hijinks on the set to her globetrotting adventures, her feed is definitely one to check out!

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