The Best Swimwear Feeds on Instagram

Mashfeed user, Melis Eyuboglu created the “Swimwear” collection featuring her favorite swimwear feeds on Instagram


Even though it’s winter and we can definitely feel that when we walk outside, we can still fantasize about those warm summer days, and Melis Eyuboglu’s “Swimwear” collection helps us do just that! Combining bold prints, classic styles and everything in between, the feeds in Melis’s collection will make you feel like you’re on vacation everyday with a permanent bikini bod. Whether you’re always searching for the perfect bikini or just want to keep up with trendy new swimwear, you have to follow the “Swimwear” collection on Mashfeed. Here are the best swimwear feeds on Instagram.


The widely popular swimwear line, Triangl has a gorgeous feed filled with women in various hawaii-like locations modeling their swimsuits.


Along with being a swimwear shop, bikinibird also has a curated blog, which adds a nice creative touch to their website and their feed. Each of their photos add an artistic touch to their brand.


Frankies feed maintains a playful and vibrant atmosphere that you will notice as soon as your read their bio: “FrankiesBikinis – because friends don’t let friends wear average bikinis.”


Fella not only posts women modeling their bikinis, but also post photos of beautiful beaches and locations all around the world.

Tigerlily Swimwear

Based in Australia, Tigerlily combines unique and seemingly vintage styles with classic prints to create lovely bikinis.

+15 More feeds

Get Mashfeed for iPhone to view the “Swimwear” collection and start preparing for the warm months ahead!

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