Best Celebrity Twitter Parody Accounts


It’s a fact of becoming a celebrity. Once all eyes are on you and your name is finally in lights, you are honored with a parody twitter account. The biggest celebrities in the world have one. Some of them even have them for their body parts (we’re looking at you Beyoncé)! As silly and sometimes cheesy they are, you have to admit that it’s one of the best uses of Twitter.

From politicians to athletes to movie stars, no one is off limits and yes, the tweets are sometimes irreverent. Add a chuckle to your day with the best twitter parody accounts!

Ted Cruz Googling

There are tons of parody accounts for the 2016 Presidential Candidates, but Ted Cruz googling takes the cake for the most creative, irreverent, and downright hilarious.

Not Mark Zuckerberg

Not Mark Zuckerberg has so much sass that you would unfriend him if he were real. The account regularly throws shade at other social networks, which is all we can ask for.

Not Yoko Ono

The wonderfully weird and quirky Yoko Ono is already weird and quirky enough on Twitter on her own, but the parody Twitter account takes it to the next level and leaves you scratching your head.

Not Tilda Swinton

Enigmatic, poetic, elegant, potentially greater than every human ever, Tilda Swinton is a goddess who we all wish we were friends with. Her parody Twitter is what we imagine she’d be like if she was out friend.

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