The 11 Best Brunch Feeds on Instagram


We wish every morning felt like a Sunday morning. You wake up, make some coffee, put some cartoons on and then make a giant beautiful brunch filled with eggs, toast, pancakes and more! Alternatively, going out to a restaurant to eat brunch is just as yummy and satisfying. Whether you’re all about pancakes or you’re looking for more healthy brunch recipes, these feeds will get you through every morning routine! From vegan meals to all the ways you can incorporate yogurt into various meals, here are the 11 best brunch feeds on Instagram.

Pears N’ Pancakes

Pears N’ Pancakes is more than just delicious looking photos of healthy breakfast food. She also posts a description of what’s in her meals, and even has a tumblr page with all of her recipes on it.

Symmetry Breakfast

As one of the most well-known breakfast feeds on Instagram, Symmetry Breakfast makes breakfast food look like art. They also have a book coming out with all their yummy recipes!

My Vibrant Soul

My Vibrant Soul is run by a woman named Heather who is both vegan and gluten free, which sets her apart from a lot of the other brunch feeds. Her photos are filled with vibrant food and are normally accompanied by a dark wood background.

Madeline Lu

As a freelance food and lifestyle photographer, Madeline is basically a professional foodie. Her photos are strategically gorgeous and full of life and color!


Chobani is no ordinary yogurt brand. They have one of the nicest feeds detailing all the different combinations of food you can make involving yogurt (which are more than you would think by the way).

+6 More Feeds

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