The Best French Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram


Along with having amazing wine and cheese, France is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world. It is a leading country in the fashion industry along with Italy, Japan and more. Lucky for us fashion lovers, with great fashion industries, come great fashion bloggers! Whether you’re a french fashion blogger yourself, or you’re trying to get an idea of the eclectic fashion senses and tastes across the globe, you have to check out our “French Fashion Bloggers” collection. From vibrant colors to business casual, here are the best french fashion bloggers to follow on Instagram!

Betty Autier

If there had to be one word to describe Betty Autier’s feed, it would be ‘fun.’ Her spunky sense of fashion and sassy poses will definitely add a lot of flavor to your feed!


Valentine’s looks range from conservative chic to modern and classy. She also posts the occasional picture of her adorable black and white cat, which is a huge plus.


Not only does Angélique have a great fashion sense, but she also has incredible photography skills. Definitely check out her Instagram if you want to add some vibrance, food and symmetry into the mix of feeds you follow!


If you’re looking for a fashion blogger with a business casual and classy sense of style, then look no further. Daphné’s feed is the perfect combination of class and beautiful photography.


Slanelle combines casually fashionable looks with bold and risky outfits. Lucky for us, she also posts a lot of pictures of her delicious meals!

+9 More Feeds

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