Awww! 8 YouTube Channels with the Most Adorable Animals

It’s pretty much common knowledge that animals can melt the heart of even the toughest people in the world. Looking at pictures of them is great, but watching them be adorable is even better. So, it is just natural that we go to the land cat videos and sleeping bull dogs to find them. YouTube has no shortage of animal videos, but here are some of our favorite places to find them.

Here are 8 “awwww” worth YouTube channels with the most adorable animals!


Maymo is an absolutely adorable 5 year-old lemon Beagle who sometimes gets himself into odd situations with stuffed animals and even a Christmas tree made of bottles.

Hope for Paws

We support adopting pets, which is why Hope for Paws is an important channel. It features the rescue of animals in danger or homeless and shows that there is truly hope for them.

NatGeo Wild

It’s a no brainer that NatGeo would sport some great footage of animals, however it is unexpected that they would have such adorable “aw” worthy animals.

Kyoot Animals

If adorableness is your thing, then Kyoot Animals is the channel you want to be subscribed to. It features compilations of the cutest animals and sometimes even babies!

+ 4 More Feeds

Get Mashfeed for iPhone to view the complete “Animals TV” collection and say awwwww!

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