9 Must-follow Funny Feeds on Instagram


It’s no secret that everyone loves humor and comedy. In today’s world of Instagram and Twitter, users have very creatively implemented and shortened jokes in a way that fits these social media channels perfectly. Instagram specifically has become one of the best mediums to share hilarious photos, memes and even the occasional photo of a tweet. Whether you like your humor super sassy or can’t stop laughing when you see awkward family photos, these feeds will certainly leave you breathless from laughing so hard. From memes to videos, here are 9 must-follow funny feeds on Instagram!

9 Gag

The best part about 9Gag is all the randomness that ensues on their Instagram page. Their feed almost feels like an Instagram version of Reddit. They also frequently post pictures of baby animals which is a huge plus.

Girl with No Job


Girl with No Job was created by Claudia Oshry. Her sense of humor is extremely relatable in every sense of the word. Her posts are akin to everything you’ve ever experienced as a girl (probably).


The Betches live up to their name with their sassy posts and ‘betchy’ sense of humor. Their feed will not only have you laughing, but saying ‘omg same,’ constantly.


Making sure to include lots of videos and adorably hilarious animals, Imgur posts memes and random funny videos every day. From memes to videos, their feed is slap-your-knee funny!

Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos is exactly what it sounds like. Imagine having your most awkward family moments photographed and then posted on Instagram for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Definitely check out their feed if you want to laugh out loud!

+4 More Feeds

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