Must-follow Atlanta Instagram Feeds

As a continuation of our “My Hometown” series, this is our spotlight on Atlanta, Georgia.


Dorothy said it best when she said “there’s no place like home.” That’s why we created our “My Hometown” series on Mashfeed. We wanted to highlight some staples of cities all over the country and even the world. Since we can’t travel that often, these collections are a great way to get to know awesome cities like Atlanta This week, we’re highlighting some must-follow ATL feeds! Whether you want to check out some of their lifestyle bloggers, or popular foodies and restaurants, our “My Hometown: Atlanta” collection has you covered. Here are some of our favorite must-follow Atlanta Instagram feeds!


First on our list is one of the most obvious choices, since their love for Atlanta is in their Instagram handle. #WeLoveATL features stunning photos taken by ATL natives and seeks to ultimately unite the people of Atlanta and tell their stories.

Evan 5PS

Evan is a photographer with an amazing eye for color contrasts, and is generally very creative with his photos. Along with showcasing its beauty, Evan’s feed will simultaneously take you on a trip through the city.

Ana Santos

Ana is also a photographer, but chooses to focus on everyday life in ATL. Her photos are vibrant and are definitely attention grabbers when you’re scrolling through your Insta feed.

Brandon Barr

Co-founder of #weloveatl, Brandon loves telling visually compelling stories and is very passionate about photography and writing. His feed will certainly inspire you to get to know your neighbors better!

Jessica Camerata

Jessica is a lifestyle and fashion blogger who shares everything from recipes to home decor. Her feed is beautifully composed and it generally maintains a classy and modern vibe.

+ 5 More Feeds

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