Travel the Globe with These Must-Follow Feeds on Instagram

We teamed up with Çiler Geçici (@audiosoup) to highlight her beautiful “Travel” collection!


One of the most common things to say you’re going to do if you win the lottery is travel. You probably want to go to Los Angeles and experience the insanely gorgeous weather, Florence to eat all the pizza you can handle and Paris for the wine and museums. Lucky for us, Çiler Geçici curated a collection filled with some of the most beautiful travel accounts on Instagram.

Seeing new countries, cities, cultures and taking photographs of those particular places, as many as I can, is the main aim of my life. Extending my photo album inspires me for my new travel plans to the different locations in the world.” – Çiler Geçici

Whether you’re already a world class traveler, or you don’t have the funds quite yet, you have to see these must-follow travel feeds on Instagram. The photos alone will have you daydreaming about quitting your job and moving to Istanbul, Tuscany and more!

Çiler Geçici

The creator of this collection, it just makes sense to give her feed some due. From vast landscapes, to wildlife, to people, and just the small things that make places unique, her feed gives a real sense of how beautiful life is, all the way down to the little details.

Mehmet Kırali

What makes Mehmet Kirali’s feed so unique is his wonderful shot composition. He gives a different look to places and even focuses on animals often, which we could never complain about.

Condé Nast Traveller

Condé Nast Traveller is managed by the editors of Condé Nast Traveller (UK). Their feed covers photos all over the world, from Papa New Guinea to Los Angeles. One thing is for sure: their feed certainly doesn’t lack variety!

New York Times Travel

Based on their Travel section in their publication, the New York Times posts incredible photos each day of different locations throughout the world. They also make sure to give the photos context with their descriptive captions.

Thomas Kakareko

Thomas is a photographer based in Berlin. His vintage styled shots taken throughout Germany are will definitely take your breath away. If you don’t live in Berlin, you will become very familiar with the gorgeous city once you follow Thomas’ feed.

Guardian Travel

With their incredibly detailed captions, backstories and photos, Guardian Travel will make you want to buy your own private plane. They also feature photos they like if you use the hashtag #guardiantravelsnaps.


Istanbul’s Instagram is made up of contributing photographers that manage to capture the beauty and vastness of the city. Follow their Instagram as a way to get familiar with all of the architecture and landscapes in Istanbul.


Jack Morris is a nomad in every sense of the word. He seemingly goes places that he shouldn’t even be able to reach. From places high up in the sky or down low by the sea, no place is off limits. His beautiful feed distinguishes itself by also featuring the people of the area, giving a human element to the world.

+10 More Feeds

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