Keep Up with the Election with these Funny Political Commentators on Twitter


It’s election season in the United States! The American people are going to be exercising their right to choosing who will lead them. So, it’s good to be informed! These political commentators will be sure to tell you what’s going on in the race and what you need to know, but what makes them different is that they’ll make you laugh your way to the polling booth. They’re sarcastic and sometimes even satiric commentary makes politics easy to understand and fun to watch. Here are seven funny political commentators to follow on Twitter.

Samantha Bee

The newly anointed host of TBS’ new late night show, Samantha Bee adds her voice to the hosts taking on Washington. Fearless, funny, and freshly authentic, Samantha Bee adds much needed levity and theatrics to the election season.

Dan Merica

Merica’s feed is an insider look at different campaigns and events and gives observations you wouldn’t have noticed. While he’s not the most ridiculous tweeter, he has moments of pure gold like the tweet above.

Matt Fuller

The sass is too real. Matt Fuller, who covers congress for The Huffington Post, doesn’t hold back in his commentary on politics. He says the things we wish we could say. If you’re a bit more in tune to what’s happening in the government, then his feed is the one for you.

Erin McPike

McPike gives insightful political commentary with a little sting that keeps it all interesting. Her take on the races are as funny as her take on newscasters talking about snow. 24 inches = 3 feet.

+ 3 More Feeds

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