Music Nerds! Here Are 5 Music Review YouTube Channels You Should Follow

C19HEN3VQM.jpgMusic is the language that transcends language and everyone can relate to. Every genre comes with its own culture and intricacies. Sometimes it takes a music nerd to notice and appreciate them. That’s why these music reviewers are so fun to watch. They’re informative, insightful, and damn entertaining. They’re also hilarious in their delivery and do the heavy lifting so we know exactly what to listen to.

Check out these 7 Music Review YouTube channels you need to follow!

Anthony Fantano

Funny, charming, and basically the music nerd you want to be watching, Anthony gives insightful reviews that are so well informed and all while being absolutely hilarious.

Dead End Hip Hop

If Hip Hop is your jam, then this channel is for you. The panelists on this channel discuss hip hop in both the technical and cultural context with reviews, conversations, and best-of lists.

Stereola Music Reviews

What’s so great about this channel is that the narrator is so insightful, intelligent, and entertaining when it comes to music, but he’s also hilarious and has a British accent which makes everything automatically sound important.

Here Lies Music

Basically the How-To Basic of music reviews. The usually less than thirty second reviews tell you everything you need to know about an album and whether you should bother listening or not.

+ 3 More Feeds

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