13 Instagram Feeds for Wine Lovers

Photo by www.kevinblackburn.com
Photo by Kevin Blackburn

You can’t by happiness, but you can certainly buy wine (multiple bottles if necessary), and that’s basically the same thing, right? Stay classy and tipsy with our new “Wine Lovers” collection on Mashfeed, featuring hilarious memes, in-depth reviews and food. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, or are trying to learn more about the forever relevant topic, check out these 13 Instagram feeds for wine lovers!


Grapefriend is all about pop culture and wine. Their motto and Instagram bio reads: “have as much fun finding out about wine as you do when you’re drinking it!” You’ll definitely feel like you’re ‘in the know’ if you follow their feed.

Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator’s feed features wine and nearly everything that would go well with wine, like pizza and photos of grapes being grown (to make wine obviously). As a whole, their feed is a little more informational, so you’ll learn a lot!

Women Who Love Wine

Women Who Love Wine add in their own special flavor of sass and humor to their feed. They often post hilarious and relatable memes (most about wine and booze). This feed is sure to keep you entertained while you’re enjoying your glass of pinot.

The Wine Guys

Based in San Francisco, The Wine Guys explore wine and write up in-depth reviews about wineries and wines. You’ll be exposed to a different kind of wine nearly every other day with their feed.

Back That Glass Up

Back That Glass Up keeps it pun-ny, informative and overall has a fun vibe. Based in Los Angeles, their feed combines pop culture, food and wine to bring us one of the classiest wine feeds on Instagram!

+8 More Feeds

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