Discover Your New Favorite Magazine with User samanthajane’s collection


Despite the move to the digital space, magazines are still great ways to learn about news, opinions, and even more all laid out in a beautiful manner. That’s why when we saw samanthajane’s “Magazines” collection we knew we had to share it. Magazines have some of the most beautifully curated Instagram feeds, which make for a wonderful collection.

Dive into the world of high fashion with these magazines you may not have heard of.

Zoo Magazine

If you’re a fan of high fashion, Zoo Magazine has an endless amount of pictures from the runway and studio to show you the latest trends.

Bleu Magazine

Bleu Magazine focuses on Men’s culture and fashion and regularly features well-dressed men and the latest from showcases and runway shows. They also have great videos from insider runway shows that really give you an idea of the trends.

Jute Magazine

Jute Magazine is a submission based fashion magazine that features the latest in high-fashion and trending. All the pictures on the feed are gorgeous and let the pieces of clothing take the light, which allows us to appreciate each piece and gives credit to those involved in taking the shot.

+ 17 More Feeds

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