dapperdanster’s Dapper Men’s Fashion Shopping Instagram Feeds


Instagram is a great place to for people looking for men’s style, but did you could even use it to shop. That’s why when we saw Mashfeed user dapperdanster’s “Dapper Fashion Shopping” collection we knew we had to share it. The collection features brands with great pictures of their products that you can buy after you see them. Plus, you can get #ootd inspiration!

Check out dapperdanster’s dapper fashion shopping Instagram feeds!



If you’re looking for the most dapper shoes on Instagram, then KICKSLOGIX is the place to be. They feature the best and most unique men’s shoes and watches. What’s great is that it also tells you the price and alternative colors that are available.

Mr. Magnata


Mr. Magnata features quality and unique jackets and tops that are shown in all their great detail. The feed also tells you the prices so that you have an idea of how much you would pay for the piece.

Hex Tie

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Dress to impress.

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The reinvented tie. Hex Tie is a tie that looks like it’s made of metal which offers an incredible unique look. What’s great about their feed is that they show how you can integrate the tie into outfits and if the tie isn’t your style, then it’s still a great feed for professional wear.

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