7 BookTube Channels You Should Be Subscribed to


We’ve given you the best Bookstagram accounts, now we’re turning our attention to YouTube and the BookTube channels that come along with it. Whether you’re looking for a good book recommendation, interviews with your favorite authors, or just random musings on reading, then these channels are definitely the place you should be going. Plus, isn’t it the best to hear about books from fellow book worms?

So get your reading glasses on, cuddle up in a blanket, and turn on your reading light. Here are 5 BookTube channels you should be subscribed to!

Read by Zoe

Read by Zoe is a great channel for true bookworms. She has a clear love for books and can share her enthusiasm perfectly through her videos.

A Bookutopia

From lists, to tags, to hauls, A Bookutopia is truly a YouTuber take on books. If you’re into short and entertaining vids that is up to date with YouTube trends, then this one’s for you!

Jason Purcell

Jason Purcell has deep discussions and reviews about books, as well as interviews with authors through the Canadian Literature Centre.

Ariel Bissett

What’s so great about Ariel Bisset’s channel is that she doesn’t just give you the standard reviews or lists. She talks about topics that you have been thinking about in your reading life.

+ 4 More Feeds

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