The Best YouTube Channels for Movie Trailers

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Photo by Cinedam

Let’s be honest, we judge movies by their trailers just like we (sometimes) judge books by their covers. Trailers are the most important part of choosing an On Demand movie and greatly impact your decision before you attend a movie at an actual movie theatre. Lucky for you, we’ve put all of the best movie trailer YouTube channels all in one place so you can keep up with upcoming movies! Whether you are an absolute movie fanatic and want to stay on top of all the movies coming out or need to plan a quick movie date, we’ve got the perfect collection for you. Check out some of the feeds in our “Movie Trailers” collection:

Gif by Mashable
Gif by Mashable

Film Trailer Zone

Film Trailer Zone is the number one source for movie lovers to see trailers for anticipated upcoming movies. This channel is dedicated to trailers only and allows for submissions as well!

MovieClips Trailers

This channel has trailers available as soon as they are released and also has some of their original videos including Monthly Mashups and Instant Trailer Reviews.

Yahoo Movies

Yahoo movies not only shows movie trailers, but also is sure to include awesome interviews including various cast members from relevant and popular movies.

+ 5 More Feeds

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