Keep up with Your BFFs on Social Media for National Best Friend Day

Photo By Sania Sharif
Photo By Sania Sharif

Quick! Go find that special someone who is totally fine with all your weird habits and give them a hug because it’s National Best Friend Day! Celebrate this special time by Instagramming that photo of the two of you where you look really good and your BFF is doing something awkward and uncalled for. More importantly, create a Best Friends collection with Mashfeed so you can keep up with what your all of your besties are posting in one place! Here’s a quick how-to guide to creating the perfect Best Friends collection:

1) Create a new Mashfeed collection

Just tap the “+” button to create a new collection, then select the friends you want to include in your collection.

2) Add all your best friends

Your dog’s Instagram totally counts.

3) Name your collection and click “Done”

Just open your new collection whenever you want to see what your BFFs are posting.

4) Follow all your friends’ Mashfeed collections

It’s all on the screen in front of you. From the homepage, you can quickly access any of your collections.

5) Share it on Facebook so the world knows who your favorite people are

Sharing is caring.

6) Tell your bestie that you embrace their bizarre collection of Pez dispensers

…and vow not to tell anyone about the time you watched them consume an entire box of lucky charms because they dared themselves to do it.

“You are the Patrick to my Spongebob!”
Photo by Nickelodeon

Head over to Mashfeed for iPhone to create the collection!


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