Our Top Picks for Must-follow Travel Feeds on Instagram

Photo by https://instagram.com/stevint/
Photo by @stevint

Picture this: You’re sitting at your desk (or on a sofa munchin’ on a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos) and you think to yourself: “I need a vacation…or I need to at least imagine some cool vacay spots (to go to with my bag of Cool Ranch Doritos).” You pull out your phone to search for pictures of amazing photography from all over the world…but wait…your feed is cluttered with selfies and photos of people’s babies! Don’t worry, there’s a Mashfeed collection for that.

Photo by buzzfeed.com

We’ll take you all around the world with gorgeous photos of in our “Beautiful Earth” collection. Each of the feeds will take you on their journeys and adventures in a unique way. Enjoy the ride!


Matt is an incredible photographer, graphic designer and web developer. He is currently exploring British Columbia, Canada and captures a lot of stunning moments in his photos and posts them on Instagram for his followers to see.


Chris takes us on a his photography-induced magic carpet ride to Iceland and will keep you entertained with photos of he and travel buddies doing amazing things. 


Andy embarks on his adventures to capture gorgeous nature photos with the mindset of “living simple,” reminding us all to keep it simple and do what we love.

Jannik’s photos explore various German landscapes through the lens of an incredibly talented young teen and his camera.

+12 More Feeds

Get Mashfeed for iPhone to take a mini-vacation in our “Beautiful Earth” collection under Animals & Nature. 




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