New Updates on Mashfeed!

Dear Lovely Mashfeed Users,

Ask and you shall receive!  Previously, Mashfeed capped the the number of feeds you could add to a collection at 10 per source. Since the dawn of time (or since Mashfeed was launched about a year ago), being able to add more than 10 feeds has been a highly requested feature. Well, we heard you. Now you can add up to 20 feeds per source in each collection allowing you to curate bigger and more comprehensive collections. For example: If you’re making a collection of your favorite foodie feeds, you can add 20 Instagram feeds, 20 YouTube channels, and 20 Twitter feeds, for a grand total of 60 feeds all in one place. Admit it, you haven’t been this excited since Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were together. #TBT 2008.

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Photo by Tumblr

We also went ahead and made the browse section more visually appealing for those of you who like looking at pretty stuff (who doesn’t?). Now you can be the super cool one in your group of friends who gets to organize your social media in style. Cue the emoji with sunglasses. Take a peak at the new design below:

FullSizeRenderGet excited and keep an eye out for some new updates in the next few weeks. We promise you’ll be more than satisfied.

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Photo by Chron

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