The Best Instagram Feeds to Inspire Your Home Decor

home decor instagram feeds

Sometimes Instagram is best used for inspiration. You can find an #ootd, a #diy, or a #cfdtmydib (cute fluffy dog to make your day instantly better). However, we think another great way to use it is to find interior design and home decor ideas. These Instagram feeds feature homes that are so beautiful you’ll be wishing you lived there.


From living rooms to bedrooms, and even that one random “office” that you don’t know what to do with, these feeds will give you all the ideas you need to make your home gorgeous.


Homepolish is an interior design company that focuses on affordable and stylish designs, but their feed will make you think their budgets were endless. Plus, their captions will brighten up your day. We guarantee it.

Emily Henderson

What’s great about Emily Henderson’s feed is that she not only gives you beautiful ideas from rooms she designed, she also tells you where she got all the items, which will help you find all the pieces she used AND other beautiful feeds.

Homestead Seattle

If vintage and rustic is more your speed, then Homestead Seattle is perfect for you. The company specializes in finding and restoring vintage furniture, which they then display beautifully arranged on their Instagram.

Nickey Kehoe

Nickey Kehoe is an interior design studio and shop based in Los Angeles. Their Instagram focuses a bit more on pieces, but they also show how those pieces can fit in the grand scheme of a room.

Schoolhouse Electric

Schoolhouse Electric features a curation of some impeccably designed homes and even make it easy for you to shop for any items shown in each photo.

+ 14 More Feeds

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