10 Instagram Feeds You Need to Follow for the Most Gorgeous Handmade Jewelry

Check out the incredible homemade jewelry on these instagram feeds


Etsy has become one of the largest online stores to connect creators to customers. People who craft may be some of the most talented and creative people out there. Making things with your hands is a skill that few people have, but some of the most beautiful uses of this skill is making jewelry. Instagram is a haven for these jewelry makers to show off their work. Check out these amazing Instagram feeds with the most beautiful handmade jewelry.

Luv AJ

The simple, but powerful jewelry that the Los Angeles based company puts out are accented in pictures that look like they could be on your friends’ Instagram feed. It gives you a more accessible¬†and realistic look at their pieces.

Nan Fusco Jewelry

If you’re look for colorful statement jewelry, then Nan Fusco’s feed is for you. The Laguna Beach company offers gorgeously colored and earthy pieces that will stand out no matter what you wear. Their feed offers an unadulterated look at their pieces as they pop out on a white background.


Are you into the fantasy and fairy realm? Then the pieces over at Atharesya are definitely up your alley. These earthy and whimsical pieces are inspired by the fairy realm and are gorgeously intricate and beautiful. Plus, their feed is absolutely fantastic.

Courtney Marie Jewelry

The most amazing thing about Courtney Marie Jewelry’s feed is that it doesn’t just show the finished products, it shows the entire process. If you’re interested in homemade jewelry in every sense of the word, then this feed¬†is for you. Plus, it shows you every step of the process of making these unique pieces.

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