The Best Skateboarding Feeds on Instagram & YouTube

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Whether you want to be a professional skateboarder or it’s your favorite form of transportation, skateboarding takes balance, skill and courage (if you’re as scared to fall as we are). However, there is so much more to skateboarding than the activity itself. There are all kinds of magazines, YouTube channels and more dedicated to celebrating skate culture and everything that goes along with it. Luckily a lot of those cool magazines and professional skateboarders have extraordinary Instagram and YouTube feeds. Here are the top picks that made our “Skateboarding” collection on Mashfeed. From skateboarding magazines to professional skateboarders, here are the best skateboarding feeds on Instagram and YouTube.

Paul Rodriguez

Originally from California, Paul’s skateboarding talents were recognized at the young age of 14. He was also one of the first skateboarders to be endorsed as a Nike athlete. Paul gives us a peak into his daily life as a professional skateboarder with his awesome feed.

Ride Channel

With daily videos, The Ride Channel’s videos showcase everything in skateboarding including contests, unique stories and more. It is one of the best places to explore skate culture on YouTube.

Leticia Bufoni

Originally from Brazil and currently living in Los Angeles, professional skateboarder Leticia Bufoni, became the first the only female athlete to win three X Games Gold Medals in the same year in 2013. Her Instagram feed definitely reflects her badass-ness!

TransWorld SKATEboarding

TransWorld SKATEboarding is an international skateboarding magazine based in California. They also have an amazing videos that cover all aspects of skateboarding including accessories, helpful how-tos, and skate gear.

The Skateboard Mag

The Skateboard Mag’s feed is fun and super active. The magazine itself is cool because it explores skateboard culture and is always trying to enhance how people see skateboarding as a whole.

+15 More Feeds

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