10 Instagram and Twitter Feeds 90s Kids Have to Follow

Relive your days as a 90s kids with these Instagram and Twitter feeds


There ain’t no party like a 90s party! Spice Girls, denim, Nickelodeon, more denim! For a lot of us the 90s were the era to be alive. Everything just seemed easier. Plus, 90s nostalgia is super #hip right now. Well strap on your moon shoes and put some frosted tips in your hair, because we’re about to bring you a blast from the past. If 90s kids are known for anything, it’s probably not shutting up about how great the 90s were, and rightfully so. These Instagram and Twitter feeds will make it easy for you to reminisce of the Golden Age of the 20th century (totes obvs). Check out our favorite Instagram and Twitter feeds that 90s kids have to follow!

Mr Throwback NYC

Mr Throwback is a NYC-based vintage store offering only the best of 90s nostalgia items. From jerseys to action figures and more, it’s your one stop shop for all the 90s products you could ever want.

90s Kids

If you’re looking for a blast from the past, a few facts to make you feel even older than you already are, then this is the Twitter for you. Pointing out the things you thought about the 90s before you can even say it, this feed is a must for 90s kids.


All Things 90s

One of the mainstays of the 90s was the general cringe worthiness of it now. With sassy remarks and all too true comments about all things 90s, the curators of the Instagram feed obviously have a pulse on the greatest decade of all time.

+ 5 More Feeds

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