10 Fresh Instagram Feeds Sneaker Heads Should Follow

The best Instagram Feeds Sneaker Heads and Collectors need to follow

10983701_812184018851668_2049327268_nThere are people that own sneakers, and then there are people that camp out the night before the hottest new shoe is available in stores. These fans (or fanatics) are known as Sneakers Heads, and don’t you dare scuff their sneakers. From sneaker collectors, to sneaker makers, to outright sneaker heads, the Instagram feeds on this list will make you want to run out to the nearest mall and buy the latest and greatest. Here are the 10 best Instagram feeds sneaker heads need to follow.

Sole Flick

This feed is for the ultimate sneaker collector. From amazing pictures of his collection, to giveaways, to collectors items that could be yours, this instagram page is for any ultimate sneaker head.

Nice Kicks

This is pretty much your one stop shop for any sneaker news, release dates, or just pictures of gorgeous sneakers. They even show what celebrities are wearing right now. If you are into the sneaker industry in anyway, this is the feed for you.

Mache Custom Kicks

This is taking art to another level. With sneakers as their canvas, Mache Custom Kicks creates the most amazing sneakers that you can have made just for you. These amazing paint jobs and designs would send you running out to the get your own, but don’t hold your breath. They are all booked up. At least you can check them out on their Instagram feed.


Uptown2k is the ultimate sneaker head haven. From his new kicks shown off on every angle, to his equally incredible pants, his instagram feed is definitely for any fashion or sneaker fans out there.

+ 9 More Feeds

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