The Best Ceramics and Pottery Instagram Feeds You Need to Follow

8 amazing Ceramics and pottery Instagram feeds


There are some talents that peopleĀ think they excel at. Pottery and ceramics are definitely one of them. Just because your third grade art teacher and your mom think your fruit bowl is amazing doesn’t mean you should quit your day job and make pots for a living. These artists have a skill that are unique and end in beautiful result. They have an eye for color and detail, and on top of that, they produce art you can use. These Instagram feeds feature some of the best ceramics and pottery on the internet.

So get in your tighty whities, throw on “unchained melody,” and get your pottery wheel spinning, because here are the best ceramics and pottery Instagram feeds you need to follow.


Recreation Center

Fun and quirky pieces, bright colors, and bananas, that’s the best way to describe @josephinenoel‘sĀ feed. Their unique and often adorable pieces are just so charming that you’ll want them in your cupboard immediately.

The Object Enthusiast

What we love about the object enthusiast’s is that not only is the pottery beautiful and well done, the photos on the feed are beautiful and well done. The feed holds up as a photography feed as much as it does a pottery one. Their pieces are blue, neutral, and wonderful. Don’t believe us? Then just check out @theobjectenthusiast.


If weird is a little bit more your speed, then @lakinska is perfect for you. Her feed features wonderfully odd pots and mugs and bowls with a somewhat calming face on it. Check her feed out for wonky cups, primitive bowls, and musing girls.

Dana Bechert

If you love plants, succulents, and pottery, then you pretty much hit gold with @danabechert. Her feed has beautiful and intricately painted pieces that are often photographed with a plant or succulent in them. If you like the more neutral and natural look, then her feed is the perfect one for you.

+ 4 More Feeds

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