9 DIY Handmade Furniture YouTube Channels you need to Subscribe to


Grab your tool belts, throw on some safety glasses, and make a trip to home depot, because we’re talking about making furniture today. DIY projects are incredibly popular. Even we can’t stop talking about it, like with our favorite DIY Instagrams and of course when we teamed up with I Spy DIY. However, this time we’re turning our attention to something on the next level. Before we had Ethan Allen and Overstock.com, people had to make their own furniture. There’s nothing more satisfying than using a piece you made.

Build your own furniture with our favorite DIY Homemade Furniture Feeds on YouTube!

Homemade Modern

Ben makes it so easy to follow all of his projects. He lays everything out that you need (literally) and gives you each step with a clarity that makes it feel like you’ve been building furniture for years. His style feels sleek and timeless, while feeling modern. Plus, the products are damn beautiful. You’ll be finding yourself wanting to make all of them so you can have them in your home.

Make Something

Make Something goes even further than just how to make furniture. The channel covers the basics of using tools and showing you how to make even more complicated stuff like speakers and guitars! It’s for you advance builders, but for you beginners, it’s still fun to watch and eventually work your way up to tackling.

I Like To Make Stuff

“I’m not an expert in anything that I do, but that’s kind of the point.” Bob from Make Something explains it best himself. His channel is all about learning how to do something, from someone who is learning how to do something. He make DIY so much easier by explaining it in terms you might actually understand. It’s definitely a great starter channel.

Jimmy DiResta

Now, this channel is for the guys on the wild side. DiResta makes knives, tools, furniture, and so much more. He does it with a bit more complicated steps and materials, but the finished products are absolutely worth it.

Steve Ramsey

Steve Ramsey works with a bit smaller projects than the other channels on this list. With projects like Christmas decorations, desk organizers, and even a crossbow, his channel is as fun as the pieces he makes.

Jackman Carpentry

Gorgeous rustic wood pieces are what make Jackman Carpentry such a joy to follow. Not only that, the videos are shot and edited gorgeously, which adds an even more impressive element to the channel.

Tim Sway

Tim Sway is a silly, inspiring, and extremely talented man who can do incredible things with wood. From guitars to toy blocks, and even a pin ball machine, it seems like there’s nothing this man can’t do.

DIY Network

This channel doesn’t need an intro. DIY network is the definitive place for creative crafters and curious novices a like. The channel has videos as simple as staining wood to something as complicated as upcycling. It’s definitely the go to place for all things DIY.



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