11 Up & Coming Los Angeles Fashion Bloggers on Instagram

Here are some of our favorite up & coming fashion bloggers based in Los Angeles

Photo by www.koristantonphotography.com
Photo by Koristanton Photography

Fashion bloggers are everywhere. They continuously inspire our creativity in fashion, beauty and DIY projects from all over the world. That’s why we’ve made collections highlighting up and coming fashion bloggers based in different cities. Whether you’re a fashion blogger yourself or are looking to follow some of the trendiest and most stylish bloggers, here are 11 of our favorite up & coming fashion bloggers in Los Angeles on Instagram.

Photo by buzzfeed.com
Photo by Buzzfeed

Kristen Turner


Kristen began her fashion blogger journey as a celebrity stylist, and starter her blog as a way to share her experiences and tips with others. Kristen’s charisma and passion for fashion shines through her Instagram feed.

Taye Hansberry

Taye’s blog and feed not only covers fashion, but also travel and food. Her Instagram feed perfectly captures her hipster-chic style.

Grasie Mercedes 

Grasie takes you into her world of unique outfits, beauty tips, food choices and more. Her Instagram keeps up a simple and visually appealing esthetic.

Enocha Tellus

As a self proclaimed shoe queen and creative soul, Enocha shares her personal style and everyday outfits through her Instagram and blog. Her unique shoe choices will definitely have you heading out to the nearest DSW.

Ashley Torres

Ashley puts her shoe obsession to good use by writing about shoe sales, celebrity shoe choices and more on her blog. Lucky for us, we can see all her awesome outfits and shoes on a daily basis on her Insta!


Streetgeist was a photography project that originated out of Greece and then relocated to Los Angeles. Streetgeist is a street portrait project dedicated to highlighting style choices in LA.

Tommy Lei

Tommy not only shares his fashion choices, but also his own unique and insightful reflections. Check out all his trendy outfits on his Instagram feed!

Envision Pretty


Founder of Envision Pretty, Danielle, strives to share her tips and tricks with the modern working woman. Her feed helps us be stylish in an inexpensive way.

the LA native

Run by Naz Ramezani, the LA native explores her vintage style and inspiration for her outfits, while also showcasing the beauty of various SoCal spots.

Geri Hirsch

Geri invites you into her world of fashion, food, jewelry and all her other adventures. She also runs the blog Because I’m Addicted.

Maegan Tintari

Maegan created her love Maegan blog as a creative outlet and to inspire others with her passions. It certainly doesn’t hurt that she posts pictures of her adorable dogs!

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